Wondering why your tea doesn't taste good?

Having trouble brewing a good cup of tea?

We put together a list of the five most common tea brewing mistakes that we see people making.

If you want to be a tea brewing master, make sure you avoid any of the mistakes below.

1. You’re Pouring Boiling Water Over Tea

 It is definitely a beginner’s mistake.

Pour boiling water over your tea is a guaranteed way to destroy its flavor. There is no reason why your tea has to be at a full boil when your brew it.

Each type of tea requires the water to be at a different temperature when you are brewing or steeping it.

Our tea temperature guide chart to the left gives you an idea of how hot your water should be when brewing a specific type of tea.

2. Take the lid off your teapot or cup while it brews

Does your teapot or cup have a lid to keep your tea nice and hot?

If so, that is great, but you will want to keep that lid off while you are steeping your tea. 

Leaving the lid off allows for more oxygen to flow through the leaves to help it reach its best flavor.

Keeping the lid off when you are brewing the tea also prevents additional heat, which helps prevent overcooking.

3. Never Squash The Tea Bag Against The Side Of Your Cup

Have you ever had a cup of tea that tastes extremely bitter? So bitter that is it undrinkable?

Tannins cause the disgusting bitter taste, which is an acid substance found in many plants.

When you squash your tea bag against the side of your cup or teapot, it squeezes out all of the natural tannins that are in the tea.

Try to keep the tea bag in the middle of your cup, and when you are done steeping your tea, remove the bag from the cup rather than pressing it against the side of your cup.

Remember, tea should never taste too strong or bitter. If it does, then you probably have over brewed it.

4. You are stepping your tea for too long

Unless you are into drinking your tea Grandpa Style...

 Throw some loose leaf tea into a mug, add hot water and don’t remove the tea from the cup until you are done enjoying it- refill with hot water as needed.

It is best to know how long to steep your tea. Over-steeping your tea can bring out more tannins and leave it tasting bitter.

5Don’t Stress Too Much About Making The Perfect Cup of Tea

The most important part about drinking tea is to enjoy it.

Stressing too much about making the perfect cup of tea is a complete waste of time and can take the fun out of it.

The best thing to do is use brewing times and water temperature as a general guide for making a good cup of tea.

Steeping your tea for a couple seconds longer or shorter than the recommended time will not destroy your tea. 

It may change the flavor slightly, but that is what makes drinking tea unique.

Each cup is a different experience.