Brewing the perfect cup of tea shouldn’t be rocket science.

To a new tea drinker, brewing a good cup of tea can be an intimidating process, and some people may find it overwhelming.

We wanted to give you some of our best tips for brewing a great cup of tea. 

Don't Make Tea in the Microwave

A good rule of thumb is to never put the tea in the microwave.

 The microwave will simply kill all flavors from the tea, and there is a good chance that you'll end up burning the tea.

 Using the microwave to heat the water and then steeping your tea has its drawbacks. The microwave gives you very little control over the temperature.

The temperature of the water is critical for brewing a good cup of tea. So it is best to use a kettle of tea or water that is preheated to a designated temperature.

Use Pyramid Tea Sachets 

Tea bags are extremely convenient, but have their drawbacks.

Most tea bags contain fannings and dust (bits of tea) rather than whole leaves.

This leaves you with a cup of dull flavored tea that at times just taste like warm water.

That is why we recommend purchasing tea that comes in triangle tea sachets.


Pyramid Tea Sachets have more room than regular tea bags. This allows the whole tea leaf to be placed in the sachet rather than the typical fannings and dust.

The extra room in the bag gives the tea the room to expand and reach its full flavor in the cup.

Our state and city blends all use pyramid tea sachets to allow our tea to reach its full potential.

Re-steeping for maximum usage

Each time you steep your tea it is called an infusion. Many teas can handle multiple infusions meaning your tea can be re-steeped after you have used it the first time. 

Re-steeping your tea allows you to get more out of the tea that your purchase.

So how many infusions can each tea handle? Well, it really depends on the type of tea and your personal preferences.

We’ve put together a quick and dirty guide below that gives you an outline:

Pu-Erh Tea

This tea is like wine because it just gets better with age and with each infusion.

These teas can handle being re-steeped four to five times - even more if you keep enjoying the flavor.

Green, Oolong and White

You should be able to get at least two to three infusions from most of these teas.

Oolongs can have a very complex flavor profile, and you’ll notice a distinct difference from one infusion to the next.

Black and Flavored Tea

These teas usually give off their best flavor during their first infusion.

You may be able to get a second infusion out of some black teas, but the flavor will be significantly less.

The same goes for herbal flavored tea as well. A second infusion is always worth a shot. 

Don’t have a strainer.....drink grandpa style

If you are a loose-leaf drinker, you may not always have a teapot or steeper available when you are wanting to make a cup.

If you are constantly on the go or in a rush, this makes brewing a good cup of tea even more difficult.

The solution?

Drink your tea grandpa style. What is it?

Grandpa style is the type of brewing method where you just throw your favorite loose leaf tea into a cup or mug and add hot water. 

Tea leafs (depending of the type of tea) will eventually fall the bottom of the cup and when that happens you drink up.

When the water gets cold, just refill it with hot water.

You can repeat this process until the tea gets bitter, or you do not want to drink it any longer.

Expert Tip: Make sure you use a relatively low amount of tea leaves when brewing grandpa style.

Show Some Pride

This might not actually be a brewing trick, but here at America’s Tea we like to show our pride.

That is why we recommend showing your pride for your favorite city or state while you are enjoying a perfect cup of tea.

Manhattan Hustle if you're a hardworking New Yorker, Texas Iced Tea to show your state pride or California Gold to show your love for the golden state. 

Want your state or city to be represented?

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