Black tea breakfast blends are some of the most consumed teas in the world and come in many different varieties.

English Breakfast Blend...

Irish Breakfast Blend...

Scottish Breakfast Blend...

Breakfast teas are extremely popular because of the high caffeine level and bold flavor.

What is interesting is how each breakfast blend has its own unique story…

English breakfast tea is thought to have actually been developed by a Scottish tea master in 1892, who wanted a stronger and bolder tea. The tea master then developed and marketed a blend known as a breakfast tea.

During a stay at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, Queen Victoria tried the blend and admired it so much that she subsequently brought some back to London with her, where it was controversially renamed ‘English breakfast tea.’

Throughout the years many different breakfast blends have been created and developed.

However, one thing that was still missing was a unique tea blend for Americans.

America is home to heroes, innovators and pioneers who save lives, break records and turn dreams into reality.

Surely, we deserve our own blend.

We’ve been left in the cold without a unique blend to call our own.

Until now...

Big Flag Tea has developed the Stars & Stripes blend, a micro-blended tea that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

A tea that Americans can finally call their own.

We blended bold black teas together and added apple bits, cinnamon chips, peppercorn and cornflower to bring you a tea that represents the flavors of America.

The Stars and Stripes blend also looks the part as well with bright red peppercorns and blue cornflower petals adding an extra patriotic flair to America’s first signature blend.

Big Flag Tea looks forward to you trying the Stars & Stripes blend and getting your feedback on America’s most patriotic tea.