All of Big Flag Tea Company's tea is micro-blended, meaning that each tea flavor is created in very small batches to help ensure that each tea blend yields the maximum amount of flavor. This is how we help guarantee that you consistently get a flavorful cup of high-quality tea. 

Big Flag Tea produces some of the most flavorful black tea blends in the industry. We do this by using a very high percentage of Ceylon tea, a premium black tea from Sri Lanka in many of our blends. Each Ceylon tea is carefully chosen for its flavor and color to make sure you get the maximum amount of flavor. 

All white teas and most of our green and oolong teas are whole leaf tea meaning they allow for multiple cups of tea to be brewed from a single teaspoon or sachet. This helps you get more value and tea out of every purchase. Our tea is sourced from all over the world. We blend and package each tea in the United States. Each tea blend is crafted to capture the flavors of America.